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Photoshop Tute by Blane H.

Here’s a good tutorial written by Blane for Photoshop CS4. In it he shows you how to create an interesting montage.

Photoshop Montage Tutorial (5 MB)

Blane's Photoshop Montage

Blane's Photoshop Montage

A Message from Blane:

Learn how to create a mysterious tree house in the forest using manipulation techniques in Photoshop. This tutorial focuses mainly on lighting effects. Learn how to give the appearance of nighttime, give off a glow of light, and add shadows. Gradients, clipping masks, downloading brushes, and blending modes will also be covered. Overall this is an easy tutorial that is great for beginners to learn basic tools of photo manipulation. I hope you enjoy it! Let’s begin!

PS Tute: Animal King Photo Manipulation

Create a fantasy poster using photo manipulation. Covers several good photoshop techniques.


South Parked

By Zacheria L.

PS/AI Tute: Vintage Poster

A joint tutorial using both Photoshop and Illustrator. (A completed file is available if you would like to skip the Illustrator portion.) Covers the use of blend modes and masking.


Photoshop/Picnik Tutorial

For this photo I used the soften tool to bring out the eye. I used a tool on picnik called vampire eyes to change my eye to the dark red. I also used the fake blood tool inside my eye to make it look darker. I used the make up tool to put a dark ring around my eye and to add more eyeliner. I put the picture in black and white and erased the eye to give it color. I used the cinema view to give the picture a old movie look. I imported the photo to photoshop and smudged my eyeliner to make it look like I was crying. I imported a picture of blood and blended it under my eye to make it look like tears.

by Sam H.

Photoshop/Picnik Tutorials

The following photos were created by Sam H. in Web Design 1-2 using Picnik and Photoshop. There is no real tutorial but Sam used Picnik to soften, convert to black and white, and erase black and white to show color (necklace and eyes in “Music” and hair in “Trapped”).

“Music is my life”


PS Tute: Fog Lighting

A quick and easy tutorial on fog and lighting effects.


PS Tute: Energy Beam

 Create a glowing energy beam with different brushes and blurs. This tutorial links to a few “mini-tutorials” that help making parts of the beam.


PS Tute: Radar Icon

Create a Mac style radar icon in this intermediate Photoshop tutorial.


PS Tute: Light Trail

A simple photoshop tutorial using the pen tool and layer effects.


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