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AI Tute: Vector Lava

An Adobe Illustrator tutorial for creating abstract liquid vector effects using basic shapes.

Vector Diary

AI Tute: 4 Leaf Clover

A basic Adobe Illustrator tutorial on creating a 4 leaf clover. Creativity is encouraged with the final product.


AI Tute: Leather Style

An Illustrator tutorial on creating a textured leather sign. Covers a lot of Illustrator tools as well as importing Photoshop textures.

Layers Magazine

PS Tute: Animal King Photo Manipulation

Create a fantasy poster using photo manipulation. Covers several good photoshop techniques.


PS/AI Tute: Vintage Poster

A joint tutorial using both Photoshop and Illustrator. (A completed file is available if you would like to skip the Illustrator portion.) Covers the use of blend modes and masking.


PS Tute: Fog Lighting

A quick and easy tutorial on fog and lighting effects.


PS Tute: Energy Beam

¬†Create a glowing energy beam with different brushes and blurs. This tutorial links to a few “mini-tutorials” that help making parts of the beam.


PS Tute: Radar Icon

Create a Mac style radar icon in this intermediate Photoshop tutorial.


PS Tute: Light Trail

A simple photoshop tutorial using the pen tool and layer effects.


FW Tute: Glossy Text

This tutorial will guide you through creating a block of high gloss text with a reflective background. The tutorial was created in Fireworks 8, so be prepared for inconsistencies with the steps involved.


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